About Us


Sancta Maria Classical Academy (SMCA) is a two-day per week classical academic co-op, which supports Sacramento-area Catholic families in homeschooling their children.  SMCA provides the structure, accountability, and community life of a traditional school environment while still allowing families to enjoy the flexibility and joy of educating their children at home.  As the primary educators of their children, parents work in conjunction with SMCA to ensure that their children receive a strong academic formation in a faithful Catholic environment.  

SMCA volunteer tutors and students meet on Mondays and Thursdays for classroom instruction and Socratic discussion in the upper grades.  On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, students do their work at home. SMCA uses various materials in PK through 6th grades that support a classical curriculum while mainly using Kolbe Academy curriculum in 7th through 12th grades. Art, music, and drama are offered in the lower school; and formation talks, an annual retreat, and an opportunity to participate in an after-school choir are offered in grades 7-12.  

While it is a main priority of SMCA to provide a high-quality, affordable classical Catholic education, SMCA’s highest priority, as is the case for all faithful Catholics, is to assist each other in gaining Heaven.  God has truly blessed us with a community of families from across the Sacramento area who desire to be a part of and raise an army of saints to joyfully live out our Faith, zealously defend our Faith, and courageously lay down their lives for our Faith.

*SMCA is run by laity in collaboration with a Board of Directors. SMCA is a private and independent academy, which provides a Collabriative, Classical Education in the Catholic tradition, but is not affiliated with any church or religious organization including the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. Therefore, Sancta Maria Classical Academy does not offer Sacramental preparation for its sudents, who must be initiated into the Sacraments through a local parish. Moreover, in full accordance with Canon Law 803.3, Sancta Maria Classical Academy does not bear the title of “Catholic School,” nor does it represent itself as a “Catholic School,” and affirmatively disclaims any assertions to the contrary. SMCA is a California religious 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and are designed to offer afforadble education to support families of all sizes. 


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