Sancta Maria Classical Academy FAQs

Yes, SMCA is a co-op.
SMCA is a two-day per week classical academic co-op, which provides the structure, accountability, and community life of a traditional school environment while still allowing families to enjoy the flexibility and joy of educating their children at home. SMCA is a comprehensive homeschool support co-op and is registered as a California religious nonprofit corporation. Parents are still required to meet California homeschool requirements.

SMCA is not a school nor is it an accredited program. SMCA is a comprehensive homeschool support program and is registered as a California religious nonprofit corporation. Parents are still required to meet California homeschool requirements.

A drop off option is not available as all parents are required in some capacity on campus during center days.

Yes. SMCA does have a nursery to provide child care to those parents volunteering as tutors or assistants on both center days.

Center days are Mondays and Thursdays. Students arrive by 8:50am. The day begins with morning assembly where the students pray together, hear about the saint of the day or a particular virtue, and the Pledge of Allegiance is recited. Students are then dismissed to class with their respective tutors. All students meet again at noon to pray the Angelus. In the afternoon, while the upper school students (7th-12th graders) continue their academic classes, the lower school classes participate in “specials” - drama, music, art, and physical education. Before dismissal, the upper school students perform chores to ensure that the center is clean and organized. Dismissal at 3:00pm is preceded by announcements and prayers.

On home days, with parent assistance as needed, students continue to complete their assigned work following the lesson plans provided by SMCA. The lesson plans are designed so that there is continuity between center days and home days.

As primary educators, parents continue to oversee all assignments, particularly those done on non-center days. Families who enroll in SMCA make a commitment to SMCA for the academic year.

At least one parent is expected to volunteer at the center on both Mondays and Thursdays as either a lead tutor or tutor assistant. Families are also asked to help support the community in other ways, for example: organizing field trips, helping organize the All Saints' Day festival, and other events and activities.

Please check our "Parent Resources" link for more info regarding our book lists.

Parents are responsible for purchasing the books. Books can be purchased new or used. SMCA is also in the process of creating a lending library so books can be shared between families.

Grades 9-12 are required to enroll in Kolbe Academy.
Enrollment in Kolbe Academy (required for 9-12) is a separate cost and not included in the SMCA co-op fee.

This is not an option at this time.

SMCA has done its best to keep tuition costs at a minimum and for this reason cannot guarantee financial aid at this time. However, SMCA is open to and willing to work with families to bring tuition costs down. A financial assistance request form will be available upon request.

Lunch is not provided. Parents must provide a lunch and a snack for their child(ren).

Tutors will check most assignments for completion and grade tests and essays. Grades will be based on academic performance and class participation/behavior. Grades will be reported to families. However, SMCA is not a school and therefore does not maintain report cards or transcripts.

As a homeschool co-op, SMCA understands the various needs of families and the unavoidability of sick days. However, as SMCA only meets twice a week, SMCA does request that families try to schedule vacations so as to minimally disrupt their child(ren)’s attendance on center days. Parents will be responsible for making sure their child(ren) do not fall behind in lessons.

Families have the option of paying the co-op fee in full at the beginning of the school year or paying in installments over 10 months (Aug-May). As SMCA takes into account the financial commitments of enrolled families at the beginning of the school year in planning for expenses over the course of the year, financial commitments are binding for the entire school year even if a family withdraws from SMCA.

Yes, SMCA has a uniform requirement that ensures modest dress on center days. Uniform guidelines are available under our "Parent Resources" link, and uniforms are purchased online through Direct School Uniforms.

SMCA maintains a media policy on center days that prohibits all electronics and media devices, including cell phones. SMCA also discourages discussions regarding television programs, movies, internet sites, and video games from taking place during center days. SMCA further requests that students’ backpacks and lunchboxes do not have characters or symbols from television programs, movies, internet sites, video games, and music groups.

SMCA’s modesty policy requires that on center days and during SMCA events students, tutors, and family members on campus ensure that their clothing is knee-length or longer, that shoulders are covered, and tops do not have low necklines.

Yes. You can be enrolled in a charter school and SMCA simultaneously. SMCA is considered a homeschool resource and not a school, therefore, you can be enrolled in both.

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